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How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. - Psalm 111:2 (NLT)

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Why Ponder Passages?

From our earliest days, we've been taught how to read. We usually read for information. Sometimes we read because we will be tested on the information we read. Because of this, we our reading is an attempt to master the material. While reading scripture for information is vital, only reading for information can keep us from discovering and developing depth with God. Pondering reminds us to slow down. We ponder by reading and re-reading smaller sections of scripture, listening for God to speak through his Word. We read formatively rather than informationally because we seek depth, not just quantity. We invite you to join us on this formational journey!

About Us

Curt and David met in 1983 when Curt played guitar at his church. Four years later, they ran into each other by chance at seminary. Since that time, they have continued to deepen their friendship through "doing life together". Since beginning this project, their appreciation, friendship, and love have grown even more.

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Our Courses
1. Psalms

Each week, Curt and David discuss the Psalm they've been reading for the week. We've gathered those together along with some other resources.

2. Ephesians

Curt and David spend time discussing how to read and engage the New Testament book of Ephesians.

3. Spiritual Formation

David has recorded various videos covering issues of spiritual formation. He has covered topics such as, how to read the Bible, Bible translations, and prayer.

4. Formative Reading

We plan on doing some classes focusing on formative reading to deepen one's faith.

5. Deepening Faith

While our courses all address deepening our faith, there are some that directly address how we grow.

6. Online Video

Curt has classes on the best way to present via video

Why Passages?

Our culture encourages us to be masters of whatever we do.  If our goal was to "know" more about the bible, we would follow some plan to read through the bible in a year, or perhaps 90 days. Our desire is not to master the bible, but to allow the bible to master us. That means we must slow down so we might hear God whisper and speak through his word. 

Why Join Us

Almost 100 years!

Between us, we have been reading and studying the bible for almost 100 years!

We Are Funny!

Even though our children don't think so, we are simply hilarious.


We are gathering all our videos together to create courses on the Psalms, Ephesians, Spiritual Formation, and Deepening Faith.

Not actual Testimonies Testimonies

I laughed so hard but also discovered God's love!

Sam Carr Software Engineer

Curt taught me everything I know about the bible and life!

Robert Chase Accountant

I'm not sure what happened. I did a search for fungus and ended up here. Wondering if I typed "fun guys" instead.

Jenna Simson Photographer